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My passion for storytelling goes back to my childhood in Barcelona, Spain, when my parents bought me my first video camera. I taught myself how to edit videos, and from that moment on I carried a camera with me everywhere, documenting everything that happened around me, and then producing videos for my own personal collection. Now that I live and work in the United States, I still watch those old videos when I miss my friends and family in Spain.


As an adult, I turned that passion for documenting life into a career, graduating with a degree in Communications & Film at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. As part of my education, I did exchange years in America during high school, and then again at the University of Buffalo in college. While in the United States, I met the love of my life, Brennan, and we got married. Our home base is currently in Orlando, though we both now work with clients all over the United States. In addition to my own personal photography and videography business, I work with clients that span the spectrum from local production companies in Cincinnati, to documentary filmmakers in Los Angeles.

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