Short Form Stories

InReturn - Empowering people with brain damage.
InRETURN provides viable employment to individuals who have suffered a neurological injury, disease, or disorder. In this video, some of their associates talk about their brain injuries and the struggles they faced before finding this place, and they thank sponsors and people who have donated money to the company. 
A Marine and his daughter.
Justin Smedley, a marine who got deployed shortly after finding out his wife was pregnant, returns home to meet his daughter for the first time.
Ivan Nebolsky - a fight against AHDS. 
IIvan Nebolsky is a two-year-old boy from Ohio diagnosed with Allen-Herndon-Dudley-Syndrome, an extremely rare disorder that leaves the brain unable to develop, resulting in severe mental and physical disabilities. 
His family is trying to raise funds to get him to a trial in The Netherlands that could potentially save his life and allow him to live a more normal life.
Brennan & Grace - when love is bigger than distance.
This is my story, and a good example of the fun and emotional way videos can be used to kick-off your wedding or family event. My husband and I dated long distance for over four years, and since our families and many of our friends live in different countries, it was a great way to fill everyone in on our backstory on our big day
Our love story: Emily + Emily
Emily and Emily radiate this warm and sweet love for each other that makes all those around them smile.
Our love story: Paige + Butters
Paige and Butters (David) met while working at Universal and have been together through all the highs and lows of their lives the last 2 years.