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A Celebration of Harry Potter 2017: Day 2

Last week I talked about our first day at the Celebration (see here). We had a great time and enjoyed cosplaying Harry and Hermione! However, I was most excited about our cosplay of Newt Scamander and Tina Goldstein for our day 2, partly because of the work I had put into the costumes, but mostly because I love them so much!

As in day 1, we got everything from our own closets and thrift stores. It was a big challenge, especially when it came to Newt's signature coat and his suitcase, but we ended up finding stuff that worked. I did get a cheap wig from amazon for myself because, let's be honest, no one on their right mind would put on a wig from a thrift store even if it was gifted to them.

So once we got our costumes on, we headed to Universal to start our day at Hogsmeade! Mandatory entrance picture was taken.

Although we had gotten quite a few complements on our costumes the day before, people were really drawn to us this time. As soon as we made it to Hogsmeade, someone asked us for a picture and that turned into a line of guests (literally) and 10 min of posing until we were able to escape before someone else asked. Scroll through to see pictures from Hogsmeade!

As per usual, we headed to the castle and visited all the wonderful people that work there, which includes Sas, the sweet soul in this picture, because who doesn't love an Australian Hufflepuff?

Many more pictures were taken in front of the castle because really, that background can't be topped. I feel so lucky I get to work there and spend my days at Hogwarts!

There was a moment Brennan stayed outside of a shop while I went in, but 10 min later he ran inside because he said a line of people had been created again to take pictures with him and he felt too awkward. Probably one of the funniest thing of our day was seeing people try to role play with him and him be absolutely lost. As mentioned before, he isn't the biggest fan, but he was a trooper through it all, and although he denies it, I think he loved the attention he got!

So, moving on, once our mandatory visit of Hogwarts was done, we headed to King's Cross.

We stopped and visited Grimmauld place, went on a ride in the Knight bus and wandered the shops in Diagon Alley (click on the arrows to see all the pictures).

We were asked to take many, MANY, pictures, but we also asked a lot of people for pictures as well because if there was one cool thing about HP weekend, that was the amazing cosplays people put together. Scroll through to see some of our favorites!

After Diagon Alley we headed to the New York area. Since Fantastic Beasts is set there, we figured it would give us a lot of cool backgrounds for pictures.

But perhaps, the coolest thing about our day was running into The Fantastic Beasts people in front of the Blind Pig.

They asked us if they could feature us on their instagram and twitter, and you better believe we said yes!! All my fan girl dreams came true. You can see their tweet in here.

Finally, it was time for the Q&A!!! It was awesome seeing some of the actors live, and I really digged Jason Isaacs dis Trump's immigration band. Just when I thought he couldn't possibly turn another question into a comment about Trump, BAM, he did it.

The rest of the afternoon/evening was spent with friends and eating gigantic amounts of nachos and NBC bar & grill. Below is Silvia, not cosplaying, but I love her regardless so I have to share our picture <3

So that was the Celebration of Harry Potter for us! There was a third day, but we both worked, and I don't really want to talk about it because I'm still salty that Tom Felton came to the gift shop but didn't bother to come up to the attraction. How dare he. I guess that's why he is Slytherin. However my mood was greatly improved when I found out that Pottermore had also featured us! *gasp* You can click here as well to see that!

Until next year, mischief managed!

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