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Reyes Magos 2017

Another January 6th has come and gone, and I was glad to see that the Reyes Magos (aka Three Wise Men) got my letter saying that I'd be celebrating in the US this year and didn't forget to stop by!

For those who have never heard of the Three Wise Men, they are three kings who went to visit Jesus after his birth, bearing gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh. But if you ask any kid in Spain, they are three magic kings that will bring you presents every Christmas season (they come riding their camels, which Brennan thinks is hilarious. Apparently a flying sleigh is much more realistic.)

Many people have asked me if we celebrate Christmas in Spain, and the answer is yes, we do. The Holiday season starts on Christmas Eve, and Christmas is still a big day for families to meet and celebrate. Many families also get visited by Santa as well. In my house, Santa always brought us small gifts (books, movie, etc.), and the Reyes Magos brought us the big stuff. From December 24th until January 6th, the Christmas season is in full swing everywhere in Spain and people celebrate through it all.

Every year I have been able to go home for the Reyes Magos (except during my first exchange year in 2010), but this year I couldn't make it happen :(. However, our little family still got in the spirit of the spanish tradition and we celebrated all the way in Orlando!

We woke up to a full Christmas tree! Bailey was particularly interested in what was inside her stocking.

It was her first Reyes Magos and I think they did not disappoint!

She got a new snowman, because you know, her toy basket isn't overflowing or anything.

Brennan made one of his new year's resolution to dress better and the Reyes Magos *cough* Grace *cough* were glad to help out with that!

I got many gift cards because they know I'm picky and it's best to just let me do my thing. It took me about two hours to make it to the mall and start spending because *broke girl problems*, I can't remember last time I went shopping haha.

More toys because, you know, there's never enough things to chew. And mom can always buy her a second basket.

Brennan modeling his new blazer, and in case you were wondering, yes, he totally plans on always wearing it shirtless. He also got a super fancy lunch bag as an i̶n̶direct message that it is time to stop buying and start packing. I think he got the hint haha.

Another Harry Potter shirt for me, because a girl can never have too many HP shirts, especially if they are Ravenclaw ones.

Probably my favorite present was the mattress pad my parents gifted us. I've been wanting one since I bought our mattress two years ago! Now my bed feels like a cloud and I shall sleep till the end of time.

A glimpse into my stocking, because ferrero's are life. I may or may not have eaten half the box already (no shame).

I'll finish this post with a picture of Bailey because she is too precious and always makes me smile, so hopefully it makes you smile too!

I hope everyone in the US had a wonderful Reyes Magos day unaware of the magic of today, and all my loved ones in Spain were showered with presents like we were!



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